Sugar and Heart Disease

Sugar and Heart Disease

Sugar and Heart Disease Video

Can Sugar Cause Heart Disease?

Soda has been in the media quite a bit in the last few months. Even to go as far to ban the sales of larger soft drinks in convenience stores in New York.


The fact is there are going to be people who neglect their health and more so if their economic status is lower. It is more expensive to invest in your health than to not and there are reasons that there is a link to sugar and heart disease. Fast food chains and simple carbohydrates are cheaper to consume versus healthy fruits and vegetables. And when it comes to drinking soda soft drinks, it is cheaper to consume sugar soda drinks that it is for a bottle of water.


What is the link Between Sugar and Heart Disease?

Sugar is an addictive element that can lead to diabetes which can lead to heart disease.


New research out of the Europe showed that just one 12-oz daily increment in sugar-sweetened or artificially sweetened soft-drink consumption was associated with the development of type 2 diabetes.


sugarThe soda and heart disease link should be more like sugar and heart disease link. Sugar is responsible for the beginning of the inflammatory response which causes our cholesterol in our body to be used up in a negative way.


So even going deeper into this sugar and heart disease link, it should really be poor carbohydrates and heart disease. Carbohydrates when processed in our body turn to sugar and once again simple carbohydrates are cheaper and easier to come by versus healthy nutrition. So it does become an awareness understanding to the average person that sugar is not good. Soda is nothing but sugar which causes a surge of hormones that can eventually lead to heart disease.


As I always say it all starts off with the right mindset to attack the problems of sugar and heart disease. Many people know that things are not good for us but we do them anyway. We also have to look at the addictive properties of sugar. Just like smoking is addictive, so is sugar. And just like so many people eventually giving up smoking, so can the addictive properties of sugar can be given up too.


If you want to change, things will change and we know that there is an important link to sugar and heart disease. We have known this for years and I believe that the direction taken focusing on just cholesterol is wrong. You can always read our post on sugar and cholesterol and understand the real cause of heart disease.


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