AICD (Automated Internal Cardio Defibrilators) Shocking Normal Heart Rhytms

Interesting case at CCC (Canadian Cardiology Congress). Sometimes these AICDs cannot distinguish a fatal arrythmia and therefore shocks a normal rhythm. Interesting case is the first response in the ER (Emergency room) was to of course see the rythm and seeing the shocks go from the AICD. If it is a normal rhythm or wide complex arrythmia then placing a magnet over the AICD will stop the AICD from shocking the patient. Yes you must confirm this rhythm. But if the patient is asymptomatic, normal rhythm (not VT or Vfib) then yes this would be the course of action. If it is a fast arrythmia or WCT (Wide complex tachycardia) then a beta blocker, amioderone can be used. the possible next course of action could then be ablation therapy.


Adenosine can be also used for WCT especially in the absence for poor R wave progression.

For more information, you can see case studies on “your worst arrythmia nightmare” form CCC 2012.

Diamond Fernandes