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Top 10 Ways of Getting Rid Of Sugar In Your Diet To Avoid Heart Disease


Top 10 Ways of Getting Rid Of Sugar In Your Diet To Avoid Heart Disease Video

Sugar and heart disease has a big link. You do not have to be diabetic to watch your sugar intake. Sugar is a cause of inflammation.  Sugar and heart disease has a big link and as I have talked about in the past. Don’t just look for the heart health check mark on foods as these foods have given money to these heart health organizations that can lead into a viscous cycle.


So what can you do to getting rid of sugar in your diet to avoid heart disease? I found a great site and unfortunately for the life of me I cannot remember where I grabbed this information on sugar and heart disease. However I cannot remember who I can give credit for this but it is a lot of what I talk about in our heart disease diet or way of eating.


1. Swap polyunsaturated seed oils {sunflower, canola etc} which are contain long-chain fatty acids and are extremely fragile & unstable = ability to go rancid easily; for stable fats such as ~ olive/coconut/avocado/nut oils & pasture-fed butter.


2. Swap high fructose fruits {such as dates/dried fruit/fruit salad/juices} for low fructose fruits {such as pear & berries}. Eat fruit whole so fibre is consumed with the fructose content = less stress on our bodies & livers & in tune with our history.


3. Swap sugar in baking with dextrose {available in home brew section of supermarket}. Dextrose is pure glucose {the energy our body runs on & can be used in every cell/organ} or Stevia ~ a natural plant derived sweetener ~ which can be 300 times sweeter than regular sugar so you will only need a little.


4. Swap low fat yoghurt {high in sugar/processed/low in nutrients} for organic whole milk natural yoghurt {& if needed sweeten with cinnamon/coconut/berries etc}.


5. Swap cereal for a hot breakfast ~ eg: eggs, avocado, cheese, spinach/rocket, feta or a veggie filled omelette.


6. Swap regular salad dressings with apple cider vinegar & make your own dressings in mere moments. {I like apple cider vinegar / olive oil / herbs / garlic / squeeze lemon ~ delicious!}


7. Swap chocolate for raw cacao or organic 85% dark chocolate.


8. Swap flavoured & low fat dairy {all sugar laden} for full fat, therefore less processed, dairy {where the sugar content is only the natural occurring lactose} or for coconut/almond/rice milk. Get creative if you need more flavour & make berry smoothies or cacao/cinnamon milkshakes or make your own iced coffee with some milk/coffee/stevia or dextrose.


9. Swap tomato/BBQ {often 50% sugar} sauces et al for mustard, whole egg mayo, hummus, avocado, spices, or make your own homemade sauces where you can control sugar content.


10. Swap flavoured processed chips for homemade popcorn {I love it with garlic infused olive oil / apple cider vinegar / salt} or alternatively cut up some sweet potato & bake your own chips in the oven with some olive oil, salt & herbs/spices of your choice.


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Top 10 Ways of Getting Rid Of Sugar In Your Diet To Avoid Heart Disease


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