Dr Salim Yusuf

Dr. Salim Yusuf Polypill

I have been going to the CCC for many years and I always enjoy Dr. Yusuf presentations. He is a dynamic and visionary speaker with hope to reduce cardiovascular disease worldwide. His research extend to all continents of the world.

At CCC this year he presented a lot of global research. Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death but it is a preventable disease and the numbers can go down. Part of his research is to introduce a polypill containing thiazide 12.5 mg (diuretic), atenolol 50 mg (beta-blocker), ramipril 5 mg (ACE inhibitor), simvastatin 20 mg (statin), and aspirin 100 mg per day.
Makes a lot of sense to just have one pill. However, what happens when people start to get better.

To see more on Dr. Yusuf’s research you can visit Dr. Salim Yusuf.

To your success,

Diamond Fernandes