Dr. Clyde Yancy at Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Vancouver

Dr. Clyde Yancy at Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Vancouver

Reversing the tide and Preventing Heart disease by 2020. This was the name of Dr. Yancy’s keynote presentation at the opening ceremony of the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Vancouver 2011.

Heart disease is the number one disease but it is preventable. I thought it was interesting today that as Canadian’s we are not better off when it comes to heart disease prevention.

Did you know our top 4 comfort foods as Canadians are according to huffingtonpost.
1. Mac and Cheese….
2. Poutine
3. Maple Syrup and Pancakes
4. Pho

In saying that these foods are high in calories and high in sodium and definitely, not comforting to your heart health.

Dr. Clancy’s presentation did not cover anything we did not know in terms of living longer. It is now been well researched as to if you follow all seven steps you have a 90& chance of living another 40 plus years after age 50.

Here are the “Life’s Simple Seven Steps”:

The seven steps are:
1. People need to get active
2. Know and control their cholesterol with the guidelines.
3. Follow a healthy diet
4. Know and control their blood pressure
5. Achieve and maintain healthy weight
6. Manage your blood sugars
7. Stop smoking

Dr. Yancy has worked hard to develop risk assessments that are free on the Heart and Stroke Foundation and American Heart Association websites. He talks about how govenments have to get involved so we can reverse heart disease trends. Yes there are lots governments can do. Cut down on smoking, start health initiatives in schools, and help people get active. Ultimately, it will lie in the hands of you. You are 100% responsible for your heart health.

To your heart health success,

Diamond Fernandes