Total Cardiology Rehabilitation

Total cardiology rehabilitation is a cardiac rehabilitation clinic in Calgary. They used to be called the Cardiac Wellness Institute of Calgary. They receive a public grant to run its operations plus they charge a fee of ~$500 that is the responsibility of the patient.

Total Cardiology Rehabilitation vs Heart Fit Clinic

It is really up to the patient. Cardiac rehabilitation is not specialty medicine. It is about providing you with the confidence to exercise safely and effectively while providing you with advice to lower your modifiable risk factors.

Total cardiology rehabilitation has to provide a generic approach to your heart health. Heart Fit Clinic provides a personalized approach to your heart health. If you prefer individualized service vs group then you should consider the Heart Fit Clinic. If you prefer a group format and a generic approach to your heart health then Total Cardiology rehabilitation may be your best option.

 Total Cardiology Rehabilitation Location

Total cardiology rehabilitation is located in the Talisman Centre. Heart Fit Clinic cardiac rehabilitation is located at Trico Centre in South Calgary and is also looking at opening up a north location.



Total Cardiology rehabilitation