Fee Schedule for Cardiac Rehabilitation 2012

Our assessments and results programs can be tax deductible and can be covered by private health services plans.
Please call for details and find out which assessment and/or program will be best for you.
You only have one heart please take care of it.

If you have heart disease we would recommend starting out with a basic assessment and
if you have high risk factors to heart disease or concerned about your heart health we would recommend starting out with a carotid IMT assessment
which is also a part of our comprehensive assessment.


Service Approximate Time (hrs) Investment


Basic Assessment 2.0 hrs


Comprehensive Assessment 2.5 – 3.0 hrs $560      Special New Year $490
Executive Assessment 4.0 hrs $1890

Popular Individual Components of the Assessment that can be purchased seperately

Results Phase

Clinical Exercise Sessions 1.0 hrs $95/session (less with package $70)
Clinical Dietitian Consult 1.5 hrs $145
Grocery Store Tour 1.0 hrs $99
Basic Results Program ( 12 sessions) $890
Comprehensive Results Program (24 sessions) $1890
Executive Results Program (36 sessions) $2750
Clinical Psychological Session 1.0 hrs $145
Cardiac Yoga 1.0 hrs $25/session
Meditation Session 1.0 hrs $80/session
Group $25/session

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