Fee Schedule 2017

Our assessments and results programs can be tax deductible and can be covered by private health services plans. We also have financing on any option you with to choose with us.

Please call for details and find out which assessment and/or program will be best for you.

Our goal is to determine why you may be at risk of heart disease, and provide you with proven strategies to reverse heart disease.

You only have one heart please take care of it.

If you have heart disease we would recommend starting out with a bronze assessment with our medical fitness program and/or

External Counterpulsation Therapy Program

If you have high risk factors to heart disease or concerned about your heart health we would recommend starting out with a our Silver or Gold Assessment.
You can also choose an a la carte service based on your preference which may require an additional cardiovascular consultation.

PULS (Protein Unstable Lesion Signature) TestWhat is your 5 year risk of a heart attack or stroke? 

Advanced Cholesterol Testing (Lipoprotein Particle Size Testing)

Micro-nutrient Deficiency testing

Endothelial Function Test – How reactive are your arteries?

Artery Ultrasound Screening – How old is your arteries?

Clinical Fitness Assessment

(**Please note we have added a few tests to our profile and prices may be subject to change therefore please call us to confirm)

(even though we receive referrals from physicians)

























Here are the full details of our treatment programs:









We have been in business since 2007 helping the people of Calgary and area prevent and reverse heart disease.
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