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  • REVERSE Heart Disease
  • LOWER your Blood Pressure
  • LOSE Weight
  • INCREASE your HDL Cholesterol
  • REDUCE Stress
  • LOWER your LDL & Triglycerides Cholesterol
  • INCREASE your Fitness Safely
  • INCREASE Libido (ED solution for men)

Your #1 online powerful program to reverse and prevent heart disease and stroke. 


Dear friend 

If you have been diagnosed with heart disease, suffered a heart attack or stroke, have high risk factors to heart disease or whether you are simply concerned about your health, then this letter could be the most important message you will ever read. 

Are you on the path to a heart attack or stroke? 

Is another coming? 


You can prevent and reverse heart disease, the # 1 killer also the #1 preventable disease with the #1 online cardiac rehabilitation program to take control of your heart health. 

Your incredibly scientifically proven program is designed to get and keep your heart health on track. Brought to you by the Heart Fit Clinic, it is a proven cardiac rehabilitation, maintenance and heart attack and stroke prevention program. The Heart Fit Clinic has successfully reversed and prevented thousands of heart attacks and strokes. Our programs are an investment of 1000’s of dollars and we are bringing it to you for the fraction of the cost so we can help everyone live happier, healthier and longer. 



  • PRACTICE #1: (~162 minutes)

    Heart Anatomy and Risk Factors. 

    Understand what your risk factors are, some emerging risk factors to be aware of, and understand how your heart works and functions. In addition, we will be explaining key diagnostic heart tests and procedures. You will become your own heart expert. 

  • PRACTICE #2: (~59 minutes)


    Understand your medications, their benefits, their side effects and interactions. 

  • PRACTICE #3: (~77 minutes)

    Exercise Program 

    Starting an exercise program is vital. We will cover some precautions, benefits and guidelines to exercise safely and effectively. You will find included in this practice, a resistance training program that is a key element in reaching your exercise goals. 

  • PRACTICE #4: (~75 minutes)

    Nutrition Program 

    Do you wonder what foods and supplements you should eat if you want to reverse and prevent heart disease? In this practice, you will gain the knowledge to recognize the foods that will keep your blood pressure controlled and lower inflammation in your arteries. Also key foods and supplements that will lower your baad cholesterols. 

  • PRACTICE #5: (~20 minutes)

    Quitting Smoking 

    If you are smoking it becomes so important to implement a quitting smoking strategy to reduce the likelihood of a heart attack. In this practice you will be provided with tools to quit smoking, including the FREE “Never Take Another Puff” ebook. 

  • PRACTICE 6: (~104 minutes) 

    Stress management Practice 

    Maintaining the right mindset is important, and in this practice you will learn vital techniques to reduce stress, sleep better and keep the right state of mind to reverse and prevent heart disease. 

  • PRACTICE 7: (~34 minutes)

    Goal Setting 

    How do you become successful at setting goals? In this practice, you will learn how to set the right goals for you and be a success in achieving them. 

  • Heart Health Workbook (70 pages)

    There are lots of handouts and information to help you reverse and prevent heart disease. 



We have had patients get off their medications with this exact program, increase their energy, improve their sex life and feel better and absolutely healthy. 

“This is the best program to reverse my disease process. I was heading for a heart attack and I found out that I was 17 years older than my chronological age with high blood pressure and overweight. I managed to lose 30 pounds and reverse my disease process to my chronological age.

Thank you so much for being a part of my life. You will never know how much it means to me, but I suspect my family will benefit from it as will I.” 

Carrie (breakfast tv) 


I would like to tell you a little about myself. My name is Diamond Fernandes and I am the founder and director of the Heart Fit Clinic. I grew up knowing I was going to battle a strong family history of heart disease. At the young age of 10 years old I almost lost my father to a heart attack. He was only 38 years old. Just 4 years later he ended up with a triple bypass surgery. To lose my father would have been devastating to me, my brother and my mother. What can I say… he is my father- he drove me to hockey games and taught me lots about who I am today. He is a loyal, dedicated professional who has provided for our family. 

Unfortunately, his brother, my uncle passed away from a massive heart attack at the young age of 42! He left behind 2 children and his wife. His wife was not working and lost the major bread winner of the family. They struggled with bills and making payments. My cousins, the 2 children my uncle left behind, were only 14 and 12 years old. To lose your father or husband at such a young age is devastating. 

Today my father is coping well with heart disease over 20 years later after his heart surgery and has taken control of his heart health. I am living my passion helping people live happier, healthier and longer. We have successful clinics and I am bringing all the material from our clinics to you so you can live happier, healthier and longer. Our LEADING EXPERTS have devoted their valuable time to developing the BEST cardiac rehabilitation, maintenance and heart attack and stroke prevention program. 

Cardiologists, cardiovascular nurses, cardiac exercise physiologists, cardiac registered dietitians, clinical psychologists, pharmacists have all given their best to provide the information within this program. 


You will have INSTANT access to the program that will help you start to develop the confidence to reverse and prevent heart disease. Researchers state QUICK ACCESS to cardiac rehabilitation can reduce the likelihood of patients having another heart attack- and reduce their risk of dying up to 30%. In order to be successful you have to TAKE CONTROL of your heart health NOW

We will educate you on everything you need to know about heart disease. 


Your scientifically proven program includes 8 powerful modules to help you reverse and prevent heart disease. With over 500 hours of instruction answering any questions you may have about your heart health. Are you being investigated for heart disease? Do you have heart disease? This program is for you. 


    We can show you how to reverse heart disease. You may have heart disease but heart disease will never have you! 


    We can lower your blood pressure. No more headaches, no more tension, no more clogged arteries. 


    We can lower your bad cholesterol. 


    This is the good cholesterol in your body and we can show you how to raise your HDL. 


    We can show you how to combat stress so it does NOT affect your heart health. 


    Do you want to know what level of exercise you should be at? 


    We can increase your fitness level and get you in the best shape of your life. Do you want to get back to your exercise regimen after a heart attack or stroke? 

    Yes, you can get started today! 


    We can lower your blood sugar so diabetes will never have you. 


    We can reduce inches and shed unnecessary pounds. 


    We can get you to STOP smoking and take a nice deep breathe. Wow, it will feel great! 


    We can teach you everything you should know to make sure heart disease never gets you. 

    If you have answered any of the above then you must have this powerful essential program. 


Heart disease is the #1 cause of death of men and women. It is also the #1 preventable disease. 

The Heart Fit Clinic has helped thousands of people reverse and prevent heart disease. 

Statistics show that if you have had a heart attack you are more likely to have another one. That is 2 out of every 3 people! It’s your heart. It beats 100,000 times a day and that is 100,000 reasons to keep your HEART FIT. 

Don’t be ordinary be EXTRAordinary and take control of your heart health! Rise above the crowd. Our vision is to reduce the number of heart problems a year…. WORLD WIDE! 

There are 1.2 million HEART ATTACKS a YEAR. Cardiovascular disease accounts for thousands of funerals a day!!! Over 16.7 Million People Worldwide Die From Heart Disease Every Year. DON’T BE THE NEXT ONE! 

We have hundreds of testimonials. Here are just a few and I have been feature extensively in the media with the Heart Fit Clinic. 

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Get your program today INSTANTLY and take control of your heart health. 

“Heart disease is frightening. This programs has been a part of my saving grace. My risk factors were explained thoroughly and it was made easy to understand.Thank you so much” – Delores Davids
“I have increased my fitness safely and this has allowed me to work more efficiently as I am a business owner with long hours. I really feel that this program has helped me take control of my heart health. I am not treated like a number and I get my questions answered by the heart experts. They really do care which made me care.”Richard Bury
“I feel like a new man!!! And my doctors and cardiologists think so too!!! I am very happy with the Heart Fit Clinic Program and how I recovered both mentally and physically. Thank you so much for instilling this confidence and helping me with my heart disease”Ross Hicks
“I had classic symptoms of a heart attack. The Heart Fit Clinic improved my heart by 10% in months. People spend money on different things and your health is the most important thing! This program has allowed given me all the tools to have better heart health. I should have started this years ago!”Shawn Fercho

Just the time to spend with a healthcare professional can be $100’s of dollars maybe even thousands. And the price of this program is a fraction of that cost. 

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To your success, 

Diamond Fernandes 


P.S: If you want to know more about me and learn about some of the successful things our team is able to accomplish with people, then please check out the rest of our website. I’m a professional cardiac physiologist and professional speaker on various topics on heart disease.  

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