What is a Heart Stint ?

What is a heart stint? A heart stint is a bare metal device that goes into the arterial walls of the heart. Heart stints are actually called heart stents. It is a common mistake people make thinking they had a heart stint versus a heart stent.

Stint or stent well now we know it is stents.

It is commonly used to treat symptoms of heart disease. But it is not a cure. Heart Stents / Heart stints are not a cure. They are treatment options after a heart attack or angina. It is an invasive procedure however quite common. There is a little drama going on with the cardiology community with heart stents and the philosophy behind it and when should it be used. I will try to post some updates on this. You can also view some past updates on heart stents.



The big question I get is how long will a stent last?. It is really individual as I have seen them last only months to many many years. The best thing you can do to ensure you do not end up with another stent is to focus on your heart health.


It becomes so important to start a cardiac rehabilitation program after a stent. It is the education and then implementing the education to become a success. Unfortunately when you talk to a cardiologist about heart stents it depends on their philosophy as the reasearch is not pointing towards medications. As always I would like to see a study with 3 comination of groups:

1. implementing strong lifestyle modifications strategies
2. medications and
3. Surgery.
The big questions is where is the money.

To your heart health success,

Diamond Fernandes

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